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The CECE basic product is the official energy label of the cantons and indicates, in a four-page document, the energy class of the envelope and the overall efficiency of the building, classifying them into seven classes (A to G). The CECE is based on a uniform calculation methodology: the same criteria and the same calculation values apply throughout Switzerland. In this way buildings can be compared with each other - a great advantage, for example when evaluating purchase and rental offers or renovation plans.


Consulting reports

The generated point cloud is the starting point for the creation of 3D and in some cases 2D drawings, with it it is possible to reconstruct a 3D model of the building detected and consequently obtain plans and sections of the structure and at the same time georeference  the relief or the model that will be designed.

The 3D point cloud,  can be interrogated at any time directly on your computer, the ability to navigate and view the survey in first person, allows you to reduce to zero the trips to the site of interest, the operations of measurement, inspection and cataloging of the structures, can be carried out in at any time, the generated model can then be used for all “data mining” operations, i.e. the automatic or semi-automatic extraction of information from huge amounts of data.

This facilitates the work of the construction manager who, in the liquidation phase, has exact monitoring of the progress of the construction site and at the same time also the rest of the players involved in the BIM flow. The model can also be loaded into a CDA and then shared with the players who will be part of the various BIM flows: ARCH. STR. MEP extension. ELE. Today, thanks to the use of the laser scanner it is possible to detect large portions of internal or external environments, in a short time and in a detailed way. 


We are at your disposal for a free laser scanner survey estimate including the return of the 3D model. Contact us for a detailed offer.




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